How Tall Are Shower Curtains? A Detail Guide

The shower curtain may seem like a minor detail in your bathroom, but its height plays a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. In this comprehensive guide “How Tall Are Shower Curtains”, we’ll delve into the significance of shower curtain height, explore standard sizes, offer tips on choosing the right length, and dispel common misconceptions.

The Significance of Shower Curtain Height

Your choice of shower curtains height can significantly impact the overall look of your bathroom. Beyond aesthetics, it serves practical purposes, such as preventing water splashes outside the shower area and ensuring privacy.

Standard Shower Curtain Sizes

Understanding the standard dimensions of how tall are shower curtains, the first step in making an informed decision. We’ll discuss the typical lengths and widths available in the market, allowing you to navigate through various options.

Choosing the Right Length

Selecting the appropriate curtain length involves considering factors like ceiling height and personal preferences. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure your shower curtain complements your bathroom perfectly.

Fear not, fellow bathers, for this blog post is your one-stop shop for all things shower curtain height. We’ll delve into the standard sizes, explore the extra-long options, and answer all your burning questions (pun intended!) about achieving that perfect waterfall-without-the-flood scenario.

So, how tall are shower curtains?

Most commonly, shower curtains come in two standard lengths:

  • 70-72 inches: 

This is the classic choice, perfectly suited for most bathtubs and showers. It provides ample coverage without dragging on the floor.

  • 84 inches: 

This extra-long option is ideal for taller tubs, walk-in showers, or if you simply prefer a more generous drape. It’s like a high five for your toes!

How Tall Are Shower Curtains
How Tall Are Shower Curtains

Beyond the standard sizes, you’ll find a world of how tall are shower curtains heights waiting to be discovered:

  • Short & sassy: 

Yes, they exist! These 54-60 inch curtains are perfect for clawfoot tubs or if you’re rocking a minimalist vibe.

  • Extra, extra long: 

We’re talking 96 inches and beyond, designed for those truly majestic showers with vaulted ceilings. Imagine the possibilities!

How tall are shower curtains should be?

It depends! Here’s a quick guide:

  • Standard tub/shower: 70-72 inches should be your go-to.
  • Walk-in shower: Opt for 72-84 inches for ample coverage.
  • Clawfoot tub: 54-60 inches will keep things classy and contained.
  • Tall ceilings/drama queen: Embrace the 96+ inch life!

But wait, I have specific needs!

Fear not, dear reader, for we’ve got you covered:

  • I have a sloped ceiling: 

No worries! Measure the highest point and choose a curtain accordingly.

  • I want a puddle-proof paradise: 

Go for the 84-inch or extra-long option, and let the water flow freely (but responsibly).

  • My shower curtain keeps billowing out: 

Curtain weights are your best friend! They’ll keep things calm and collected, even in the face of a powerful showerhead.

Customized Options

For those with unique bathroom layouts or specific design preferences, custom-sized shower curtain are an enticing option. We’ll explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of choosing a personalized approach.

Common Misconceptions

Let’s address some common misconceptions surrounding shower curtain height. By debunking myths, we aim to empower you to make the right decisions for your bathroom.

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How Tall Are Shower Curtains

Materials and Durability

The relationship between curtain height and material durability is explored in this section. Learn about suitable materials for different curtain lengths to ensure longevity.


Shower curtains height is a personal choice, but hopefully, this guide has helped you navigate the options and find the perfect fit for your bathroom oasis. Remember, it’s all about keeping the water in and the good vibes flowing!

Now go forth, shower confidently, and conquer those puddles with the knowledge of a true curtain connoisseur.

P.S. Don’t forget to have fun with it! Shower curtains come in a dizzying array of colors, patterns, and textures. Let your personality shine through and create a space that sparks joy (and keeps your floors dry).

Happy showering!


What is the standard shower curtain height?

The most common shower curtain heights are:

  • 70-72 inches: This classic choice reigns supreme for most standard bathtubs and showers, offering ample coverage without dragging on the floor.
  • 84 inches: This extra-long option is a champion for taller tubs, walk-in showers, or those who crave a more luxurious drape. Think of it as a high five for your toes!

What is the proper height to hang a shower curtain?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as the ideal height depends on your shower setup:

  • Standard tub/shower: 70-72 inches is your golden ticket.
  • Walk-in shower: Opt for 72-84 inches for a secure barrier against escaping water.
  • Clawfoot tub: Keep it classy and contained with 54-60 inches.
  • Tall ceilings/drama queen: Embrace the 96+ inch life and let your shower curtain be the envy of the neighborhood.

Should a shower curtain touch the floor?

Generally, no. While a slight puddle won’t hurt, a constantly damp curtain can breed mold and mildew. Aim for the curtain to hover just above the floor, like a superhero gracefully skimming the rooftops (but without the cape).

What is a standard size shower curtain liner?

Most shower curtain liners mirror the standard heights of their non-waterproof counterparts:

  • 70-72 inches: Perfect for most tubs and showers.
  • 84 inches: Ideal for taller spaces or if you like things extra protected.

Remember, these are just guidelines. Feel free to adjust the height based on your personal preferences and shower’s unique features.

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